Romeo and Juliet….as Scientologists? Ok, the Scientologist comment is my own.  But in this “sequel” to Shakespeare’s most popular play, Romeo dies for Juliet…and then awakens “on a volcano in Hawaii.”  Volcanos in Hawaii play a role in the Scientology creation story, you see. Anyway, the story we’re talking about is a “time-travel romance” where Romeo crosses paths with a reincarnated Juliet on the chatboards.  The search is then on as Romeo tries to reunite with his lost love. Sounds…different.  If I found it as an ebook I may grab it, that’s the only real way I read anything these days (not counting audiobooks).  Apparently there’s some “kinky cybersex” in there as well which might turn some folks off, but I’ve been around the net long enough to shrug that off.  The press release, by the way, makes one comment I don’t agree with.  The author says that he “wanted to place significant social barriers between them, as it was in Verona.”  The only thing keeping them apart was the feud between their families, which is not what I would call a “social barrier”.  Wasn’t that the whole point of “Two houses, both alike in dignity”?  Society in general, the townspeople who kept having their nights disturbed, thought the whole thing a big annoyance.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of the Novel. I hope I didn’t cause Shakespeare to roll in his grave more than he already is.

    You can email me for a PDF if you are curious.

    – James Edwards

    romeopublishing at gmail.

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