Shakespeare Kitsch Heaven

I’m on vacation this week, down Cape Cod.  And as we’re trolling the center of town we (my wife, mother in law, myself, and 3 kids in tow) wander into one of those shops that’s loaded with street signs, movie posters, lunch boxes and all sorts of other random kitschy goofy stuff that, well, no one in their right mind would buy. And then I saw the Shakespeare bobblehead. I took him reverently down from his shelf and walked over to my wife like I was 7years old again about to ask for a new bike.  She told me it was silly. I told her of course it was silly, that’s the point.  My mother in law told her to get it for me.  While they debated, I put it back and kept looking.  Then I saw a collection of what looked like Fisher Price Little People, only they were all classic geniuses – Picasso, Freud, Beethoven, Einstein, and Shakespeare.  My 3yr old is at a phase where she’s a total packrat, always carrying a little toy in her hands.  The thought of her carrying a teeny Shakespeare around the house just thrilled me to no end.  But alas, I showed it to her hoping I could come up with an excuse to buy it for her, you see, but she just said, “Where are the princesses?” so I decided not to blow the $20.  At last I saw the action figure.  I knew it existed, I’d seen it in the Archie McPhee catalog.  Not quite as goofy as a Shakespeare bobblehead, but still fun, and half the price.  Apparently I’m getting him for Christmas. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Kitsch Heaven

  1. I have a Shakespeare rubber duckie which delights me.

    The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern volunteers have a gift shop each December, and the action figure Shakespeare always sells out before I get to even touch one!

  2. Hi Ann!

    This morning while I was reading “Shakespeare Wars” (Rosenbaum) my 5yr old asked me, “Speaking of Shakespeare, Daddy, have you opened your toy yet?” I told her that mommy was hiding it and going to give it to me as a present later when it would be a surprise :).

    “What is this quintessence of dust? rubber duckie delights not me, no, nor action figure either, though by your smiling you seem to say so.”
    – Hamlet

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