The "Encore" Channel Is Dumb

The other day out of the corner of an ear I caught a commercial on the Encore movie channel.  Something about showing a romantic movie Monday nights at 9.  But the gimmick was famous nines, like “There are nine planets in the solar system…..cats have nine lives…..Beethoven wrote nine symphonies…..Shakespeare wrote nine sonnets…..” WHAT? Fine, “Shakespeare In Love” is one of the movies currently in their rotation, so they were going for the tie-in.  But man, that’s just painful to my ears.  Sure he wrote 9 sonnets…on the way to writing 154 of them. 

3 thoughts on “The "Encore" Channel Is Dumb

  1. To be fair to them, Bill, I was paraphrasing. All I remembered was the 9 sonnets and the theme of the commercial, and I pulled a few famous 9’s out of my head. They did mention Beethoven as well. I went googling to see if I could find the commercial, but no luck.

    And I think that regardless of what stuffy old science now tells us, most people who learned it in school will forever prefer to think that there are 9 planets :). Poor old Pluto.

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