http://www.obsessedwithfilm.com/movie-news/kingsley-signs-the-will-of-shakespeare.php Well here’s an interesting idea.  How about a novel based around Shakespeare’s deathbed as he updates his last will and testament?  The new movie, based on the novel by Christopher Rush, will star Ben Kingsley in the title role (which, if you missed it, is a play on both Will as in Shakespeare and Will as in the legal document). I assume that it’ll be the standard movie fare where his “last moments” are actually little more than a flashback through his entire life.  What will be interesting (I have not read the book) is to see how they deal with one of the most damning pieces of anti-Stratfordian evidence, that the will contains no mentions at all of any books, ownerships, or other ties to what has become the Shakespeare canon. How do you like Ben Kingsley for the title role?   

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