Arden Project "Taking A Break"

About a year ago I blogged excitedly about a virtual Shakespeare world by Edward Castronova.  Who am I kidding, I immediately wrote to them and begged to be a beta tester.  I couldn’t get in :(. I see an update on the blog, but alas it’s not great news:  they’re out of funding.  So he has no idea when there will be any new milestones to report.  Which means I shouldn’t hold my breath for a public beta?    Oh well.  I would love to see this project reach completion.  Even though he manages expectations by saying to “expect small Dungeons and Dragons world with a Shakespeare layer” rather than “World of Warcraft with Hamlet”, I say, “Who cares, I’ll take it!”  If it’s an academic project and he’s out of funding, I wonder if he has any open source options?  He could put key portions up in Creative Commons license, I’m sure that there’s more than one Shakespeare geek out there that would love to dig in and help generate some content.  

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