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http://www.telerama.fr/techno/20743-shakespeare_geek.php Over the last few days I’ve gotten quite a little traffic from a site that turns out to be completely in French.  I see my name quite clearly, so I run it through Google Translate and here’s what I got: Duane Morin is a geek, a true: not only is that American computer programmer, but he spends much of his spare time to update its various blogs. Including the one he takes on William Shakespeare. Nothing that relates to the author of Richard III escapes Duane: As this video of a young girl who recited a passage from Romeo and Juliet in helium; This site reflects La Nuit des rois in sign language ; this anecdote or an actor who would accidentally stabbed while playing Julius Caesar. So you can be a fan of Shakespeare as it is a great fan of Star Wars. I guess that describes me and my little site here pretty well :). But I’m curious about the overall context.  Can someone who speaks French tell me what the point of the page was?  There are several other sites listed.  Is it just a sort of “Sites of the week” sort of thing, or is there a theme?  Are there other Shakespeare references on the page? Thanks :).  I tried to write a comment on the original post, but you have to register to do that and I couldn’t get through the French to do it.

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  1. The first site is about photos from Missouri carnivals, and the third one is Mp.3 mixes. I think it is just a “site of the week” thing- I’m a little rusty on my French, so the title eludes me (Three sites ? nothing?).

  2. Actually, there may be a sense that the site is trivial– the translation I have come up with for the title is “Three otherwise nothing sites”. But there may be slang meaning that I am missing.

  3. Sorry to keep posting- Nevermind my second post, I think I have it worked out- it *is* a “sites of the week” thing, if you look on their technology page, you can see others: http://www.telerama.fr/techno/

    They apparently pick three sites a week, one photos, one blog, and one Mp.3s. They recommend those three sites for surfing over the weekend.

    Still haven’t quite figured out the title. Stupid not having French for 3 years.

  4. Hi, I’m french and I came here through the website you mention. Telerema is a well known french magazine who runs critics on movies, books, websites, politics, news, etc. It’s not a regular magazine with dumb article, articles are written by great journalists. Each week an issue is printed, and each day the magazine website sents a newsletter to its registered with news, little reviews, and so on. So let’s say, you’re gonna have quite a lot french people on your website for a while. (and your website is truly awesome, you did a great job ^^) I hope my english wasn’t too bad. Take care,

  5. Thanks for the translations, Sonneta and Galouz! Good reviews are always nice :). And your English is better than my French!

    Welcome to my new traffic!

  6. Congratulations on being a world-class geek, Duane! That is really cool.

  7. Duane,

    I am sure you are “true”, but I think a closer translation would probably be “authentic” or “the real deal.” Also, I read the the title of the article as “Three Sites Without Which Nothing,” i.e. three “must see” sites.



  8. Thanks Bill :). I got the “true” bit directly from the Google translation, which admittedly was pretty weak.

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