Shakespeare Graffiti I was going to roll right past this picture of a plain old “Everytime you see a 2B you’re obligated to mention Or Not 2B” joke, until I thought about the paradox.  It’s graffiti.  Deliberately vandalizing the property of someone else.  With a quote from Shakespeare.  I’m curious about the sort of brain that is both capable of holding knowledge about Shakespeare and somehow lacking the bit that says “Don’t do that.”  I suppose the answer is that the whole to be or not to be thing is just so darned generic at this point that you don’t need a brain in your head to recognize it as Shakespeare.  Whoever wrote it probably didn’t even know what he was quoting, just heard it someplace.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Graffiti

  1. If you can get hold of a DVD of the Movie “Yes”, directed by Sally Potter, listen to it.

    All the dialogue is in iambic pentameters, but played completely straight, so it’s a while before it dawns on you. (But I just blew it!)

    There’s a book, too.

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