Master of Puppets

[Once I catch up from the holidays I’ll have several book reviews, as well as details on what was under the Shakespeare tree.  This is just a quickie.] My daughters got a puppet theatre for Christmas, with puppets from Wizard of Oz.  So my daughter is putting on a show for us, which at 5yrs old consists of her holding up one puppet at a time, getting to the part where she says “What?  A bad witch?  Ahhhhh!” and then running away, and bringing out the next puppet. I couldn’t resist. “Well run, Dorothy!”  I yelled.  “Well roared, Lion!” “Thank you, Daddy,” replies my daughter from behind the curtain. “Well shone, Moon!” The whole family looks at me, confused.  There’s no Moon in the play! Oh, well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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