Shakespeare and Jesus, Separated At Birth? I’m not really sure what to do with this article about unleashing your creative genius which uses the rather unusual pairing of Shakespeare and Jesus as its sole example.  All praise that is heaped upon Shakespeare is coupled with “and Jesus too!”

  • William Shakespeare and Jesus Christ were two of the most creative people ever walk on this planet.
  • Both Shakespeare and Jesus, like all truly creative people in all times and all places, took ideas from the world around them, the culture in which they lived, and added their own twist.
  • Most of Shakespeare’s plays were retellings of contemporary folk stories or of plays that Shakespeare had watched or acted in…The same is true for Jesus.

I guess if you’re a strong believer in Jesus then you’re saying “Well, yeah, of course.”  It just sounds weird, and I guess it says something for our man Shakespeare, that the son of God  is the one apparently hanging on *his* coat tails. 🙂

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