FREE Book Giveaway : The Book Of Air And Shadows

The good folks at Harper Collins were kind enough to send me a few copies of The Book of Air And Shadows, by Michael Gruber (now available in paperback). This literary thriller revolves around “a new play by Shakespeare, in his own handwriting.” Sounds a bit like Interred With Their Bones, but I’m thinking that Gruber’s book actually came first. From what Amazon tells me, Mr. Gruber’s got quite a few books under his belt, this is far from his first work. Anyway, I’ve got 3 copies to giveaway, so here’s what you’ll need to do if you want a shot at one of them:

  1. Link to this post someplace.
  2. Comment on this post telling me where you put the link.
  3. I’ll pick 3 winners on April 1. I’m not joking, that’s just the way it works out.

Once upon a time “link to this post” would have meant to post it in your own blog, but there’s new opportunities out there for links as well – delicious, stumble, digg, Facebook….be creative! Ideally I’d like the link someplace where I can see it to verify that it’s really there, but I’ll have to take your word for it if that can’t happen. (I don’t want to say “will ship inside U.S. only” if I can help it, I know I have regular readers outside my country. Maybe if someone international wins a copy we can work something out on the shipping?)UPDATE: April 1, 2008 – Contest Over. Thanks for playing!

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