Send More High School Brains [OffTopic]

A little while back I posted a reference to my day job, stating that I was looking to talk to high school students and teachers about a few things related to college admissions.  Since the first response I got was a little strong, I wanted to explain a little bit. My first respondent said, basically, “If you expect me to advertise for you or you’re going to stick my name on a bunch of mailing lists, I’ll be pissed.”  I assume, then, that there are people out there who think exactly that and choose not to respond.  So let me answer that, assuming you trust me.  I’m not going to do that.  That’s not the purpose.  In my day job I write software for a web company that does stuff related to college admissions.  I happen to like being good at my job and producing a good product.  So, independent of everybody else in my company, sales team included, I’m doing my own independent research.  As the developer of the product, I want to talk to potential users of the product.  In my own way, not in a marketing focus group way.  I’m not sending sales people your way (unless you decide you want me to).  I’m just trying learn what my audience wants so I can deliver it. If that sounds cool, feel free to contact me.  More details in the original post, linked above.  Sorry for interrupting the flow of Shakespeare again, but I have to pay the bills somehow.

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