110 "Best" books

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2008/04/06/nosplit/sv_classics06.xml If you’re the sort to be easily offended and like writing web comments, head over to the Telegraph’s list of 110 “best” books, which notes only one Shakespeare – “the sonnets”.  Normally these lists are tricky in how they include Shakespeare, since after all they are not books per se.  I saw one list (I believe it was “most important books”) that specifically cited the First Folio.  Others just say “The Complete Works” as if that means anything.  But this one chooses to include the sonnets, while leaving out all the plays. There are already a number of comments saying “Where’s the Shakespeare?”

One thought on “110 "Best" books

  1. What is it with you lot over the water – Bard Blog reading the Mirror – you getting embroiled in the Sunday Telegraph!
    It’s the perfect list for a Telegraph reader – tells you rather a lot about certain sections of British Society doesn’t it (and I bet their 14 year old daughters hate Shakespeare anyway).

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