Are You In The Shakespeare Biz?

Here’s a question that just came to mind (thanks, Alan).  Are you “in the business”, so to speak, of Shakespeare?  What’s your connection?  Do you get to do it as a full time job, a side job, a hobby?  Wish you could do more? As I’ve said in the past, this blog is really it for my connection to Shakespeare.  I do it as much as I can.  Lately it’s also turned into “book reviewer”, which I kind of dig, because I get to read books I wouldn’t normally, which in turn has definitely increased my exposure to all things Shakespeare. One of these days I hope to get something published on the topic of teaching Shakespeare, if for nothing else than to put my money where my mouth is and see if I know what I’m talking about.  Of course, I’ve been saying that for years.  Maybe by the time my kids get to high school?  The computer programmer geek in me keeps trying to turn the project into something interactive, technologically speaking, but then I go down that path for awhile before falling back on good old print.   Ok, who’s next?

8 thoughts on “Are You In The Shakespeare Biz?

  1. Duane, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but have not left a comment. But since you ask, I’m a Shakespeare Nerd and am working on switching from writing and teaching about computers to writing and teaching Shakespeare. I started the Shakespeare at Sea cruise that has sailed with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and next May with the Smithsonian, where I give a number of presentations. And I just started a small business revolving around Shakespeare (I’d mention the web address here but I don’t want to take advantage of your blog without your permission). I lead 12- to 16-week discussions on individual plays ( None of this makes me any money yet, but it sure makes me happy. 🙂 And just fyi, I recently came back from seeing eight of the history plays in chronological order in four days in Stratford with the RSC, and it was one of the greatest events of my life. And for Shakespeare’s birthday, I’m holding the second annual “A Taste of Shakespeare” where we sample 26 drinks that are mentioned in the plays (posset, gossip’s bowl, brown bastard, white bastard, metheglin, sack, etc.), plus munch on period tidbits. We have too much fun here in Santa Fe.

  2. I’d say Shakespeare is almost a full time thing for me with the amount of time that I spend on research, blogging, etc. But it is not my full time occupation. I don’t get paid for most of it.

    Every now and then I am also involved with a production of a Shakespearean play as an actor or vocal coach, and I’m directing a small project soon. Maybe I’ll write a book someday or do some Shakespeare specific teaching, or open a Shakespeare festival… but until any of that happens Shakespeare is a full time hobby.

  3. What is it about Shakespeare and computers?

    Several of you seem umbilically attached!

    I think the last thing I’d write is a book on Shakespeare – and NEVER a book on teaching Shakespeare – especially with Shakespeare’s portrayal of teachers (but, hey – each to his own).

    I would be interested in someone doing really interactive things with the texts – images, words, music all popping up as you move through …

  4. Actually I liked your book, Robin (! We don’t do much of the Authorship Question here, but that’s mostly because I fall into the school of thought that says lets focus on what was said and not who said it.

    Welcome! I wish I got to do Shakespeare stuff full time :).

    And I may hit you up for the name of your agent.

    Feel free to write me directly about your “Shakespeare business” if you’d rather not chat it up in the comments. I appreciate the consideration for not spamming.

    And, welcome! I love when professionals in the biz hang out on my little corner of the blogosphere here, makes me think I know what I’m talking about.

    Oh, and one more thing – strangely enough, my only brother lives in Santa Fe, and he has no interest in Shakespeare. Alas. But if you’ve ever stopped in a Subway sandwich shop in town, you may well have seen him, he owns a bunch of them.

  5. I act, direct, produce, and choreograph the combat for professional Shakespeare productions, mostly in Chicago. I also lecture students on occasion (either on Mac or R&J). And there’s this little book that’s been making the rounds…

  6. I suppose I’m in the Shakespeare biz, since I’ve been writing about the old guy for too many years to mention – but I still take great pride in being told during my PhD defence that I gave “the impression of not really liking Shakespeare.”

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