Building A Piece of History I’m linking this story almost entirely because the kid is from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, my alma mater.  He’s done his MQP, or “Master Qualifying Project”, on “lesson plans for a six-session course about the resurrection of the Globe Theatre”. Your MQP is like an undergraduate thesis, you spend the better part of two years on a project that demonstrates your competency in your chosen major.  Mine had more to do with educational software, as I was pursuing a computer science degree.  I expect that the student linked above is pursuing a theatre degree. WPI also requires a humanities project, called the “Sufficiency”, during your first two years in which you as an engineering student show that you have a well-rounded education by exploring an area of the arts.  My project was a comparison of the role insanity plays in Hamlet, Death of a Salesman, and Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

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