Coming Soon : The Shakespeare Scene I just got word of a new “Shakespeare magazine” coming out called Shakespeare Scene.  Looks intriguing.  I wonder a bit how much popular interest such a magazine will have, especially with a worldwide audience (it is published out of the UK).  Would I in the United States care about productions in Australia, or would I feel that my money ($12/issue!) was being wasted on pages of content that is irrelevant to me?  I do like that they plan to have content on the plays themselves, and biographical bits on Shakespeare himself, rather than just modern interviews and other contemporary issues.  I suppose that will be the balancing act, figuring out how best to present both types of information in a way that satisfies the audience who wants one, while not alienating those who want the other. I wish them luck with it!  The more Shakespeare in the world, the better.

One thought on “Coming Soon : The Shakespeare Scene

  1. I’ve decided to subscribe! I like getting Shakespeare in the mail. It’s a little easier to manage than all the internet subscriptions sometimes…

    In the mail, I already get The Shakespeare Quarterly and The Shakespeare Bulletin, both scholarly journals. I also know the editor of the Shakespeare Theatre Association of America’s newsletter so I can get that publication too. So one more is welcome!

    I should be getting the first issue in late May. I’ll try to remember to let you know how it is.

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