Shakespeare Cartoons I don’t really love the quality of this site’s work, but it’s been in my saved pages for awhile and I figure it does have enough Shakespeare content to deserve a link.  This is a catalog of reprintable cartoons, with a Shakespeare theme.  Or rather, reference.  Many of them are variations on the “to be or not to be” thing.  There’s at least one with a typo (nice quality control).  And some I just don’t get at all — who is Fifi Oscard? What I did find amusing was artist “Kes”, who has 10 pieces in the catalog – 5 of which are Yorick jokes, with Hamlet posed the exact same way in each picture :).  I’ll bet it’s like writing greeting cards, you think of 10 variations on a single theme, so rather than going with the best one you just go with all of them.

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