Can't Wait For Father's Day

My 3yr old has no patience for holidays.  Once one is upon her, she’s already thinking ahead to the next one.  In this case, Mother’s Day means she’s all about Father’s Day.  “Next week when it’s Father’s Day,” she tells me (she has no meaningful sense of time :)), “We got you a surprise!  It’s a Shakespeare thing!” Now, normally, this means nothing, as she uses “Shakespeare” like an adjective.  I’ll come home from work, she’ll hand me a sparkling gold pipe cleaner that she has twisted into a loop and tell me, “Here Daddy, I made you this for your birthday.  It’s a Shakespeare flower.”   (Birthdays, by the way, are also in her somewhat ambiguous concept of time – any day can be anybody’s birthday.)  She once told me a story that turned out to be about a princess Shakespeare snowflake. This time, however, she got a stern look from my wife and a freakout from her older sister who yelled “Elizabeth!  Don’t tell him!” So who knows, maybe the Shakespeare Geek is indeed getting a Shakespeare surprise for Father’s Day :).  I’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “Can't Wait For Father's Day

  1. Hi Ted,

    Actually I was on your blog this morning. Maybe I misunderstood, but it didn’t seem like you’d be talking about Shakespeare too much? The one post I saw was called “Why I don’t like Shakespeare” (although your confession to “enjoying every Shakespeare play I ever witnessed from the wings” did not go unnoticed).

  2. ted stratford says:

    It’s the Shakespeare industry that has turned me against the man. I think we should be using Shakespeare here in Stratford to celebrate theatre not confine it to the worship (for that has what it has become)of one playwright.
    Perhaps if you lived in Stratford and loved theatre you’d know what I mean.
    Nice to speak to you.

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