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I’m excited!  Shakespeare On The Cape (Cape Cod, that is, for my internationals) is doing a kids’ version of The Tempest this summer!  Regular readers may recall that my children, 5 and 3, know The Tempest as one of their fairy tales, and it is not uncommon for me to be asked over dinner questions like, “Daddy, what was the name of the monster on the island with Miranda and her Daddy and Ariel?”  I’m thrilled, I hope very much that we’ll be able to put together a trip to get down there.  Could there be a more perfect play for them?!

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  1. Have they been to a live performance before? Children their age react utterly differently from when they see something on the TV or movie screen. It’s a joy.

  2. Hello Duane (and readers of the Shakespeare Geek blog), my name is Eric Powell Holm, and I’m the artistic director of Shakespeare On The Cape. I hope you do get a chance to come see our children’s version of the Tempest (and maybe stay in the evening to see the full version as well). Thanks for mentioning us on your blog!


  3. Hi Eric!

    I hope you’re still following the thread and I can get in a question — will this “kids” version be original text (at least for the most part), or is it just a modernized retelling of the story? I’m going to be so disappointed if my kids get to see Shakespearean characters and plot but don’t get to hear “We are such stuff as dreams are made on….”

  4. I stumbled upon your blog( which I’m loving by the way…) and I noticed this post about a children’s version of The Tempest. I thought, oh no! he doesn’t know about Rebel Shakespeare! We’ve been offering free to the public Shakespeare performances by and for children for twenty years now..right in Salem, MA. Please come see us this summer if you can. In the meantime, our website is :

    `from another Shakespeare Geek 🙂
    Keri C.
    Rebel Shakespeare

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