Argh, Quote Recall Failure Imminent

So this morning my 3yr old tells me, “I don’t have work today” (she pretends that she has a job like Daddy) “and all my friends are coming over to play.” For some reason this brings to my brain a quote that I can just barely remember, which may or may not be from Shakespeare.  Something about the gates of hell being opened and all the demons being free.  I am *way* off on that, so far that I cannot even adequately google for it.  It bugs me. I’m curious to see if anybody knows what I’m talking about. For a minute there I was thinking it might have been something one of the sailors yelled at the opening of The Tempest, but I can’t find anything similar to what I’m thinking.  Anybody?

4 thoughts on “Argh, Quote Recall Failure Imminent

  1. You know, upon looking it up in context, it is Ariel explaining to Prospero what Ferdinand yelled just before jumping off the ship (if I understood that right), so my initial thought (“might have been something one of the sailors yelled at the opening”) was pretty accurate after all!

  2. Well, immediately BlackAdder comes to mind when Edmund says “The path of my life is strewn with cow pats from the devil’s own satanic herd.”

    but i like the hell is empty quote too.

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