Attack Of The Tag Clouds

Ok, ok, ok.  I saw Wordle come across my radar, but chose not to post about it, because it seemed more art than tech.  Wordle takes tag clouds and allows you to manipulate them graphically by altering shape, color, font and so on, to produce word art.  It’s cool, no doubt, but personally I’m more interested in what the cloud shows about the text, rather than why the artist chose to lay the words out in the shape of a fish.  There’s no Shakespeare in your color choice.  Know what I mean?
But it seems I’m in the minority, as at least one person’s done Sonnet 18 already, and Rebecca over on Shaksper_Random is doing t-shirts, including the uncommon choice of Richard II. I may not play with it myself, but who knows, maybe I’d buy a t-shirt.

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