Design A Game Based On Hamlet Fascinating stuff.  Design a game based on Hamlet.  Here’s some of the Best Entries:
* The player arrives at Elsinore after all the events of Hamlet have taken place and moves through rooms to solve puzzles; each puzzle uses a prop or other reference to the play. * The player is Horatio in this game and has to perform tasks to protect and help Hamlet. ….For example, before the play within the play starts, Horatio’s task is to quickly reposition the audience members so that Claudius and Gertrude are in the middle where they can easily see the play. * Using a new Wii microphone (to be developed), friends join together to act out the play. Dialogue appears on the screen as if it were karaoke. AI characters fill in when not enough players are available. And when there’s fencing, pull our your Wiimote. En garde!   Cool stuff!

3 thoughts on “Design A Game Based On Hamlet

  1. For years I’ve wanted to produce a video based on Shakespeare’s works. Wish I had the skills. I hope to find someone one day who has the skills to help it happen. Or find a large grant that can get me to hire the people.

  2. Actually, I’d love to see a fun adventure platform type game starring the Bard that has the added benefit of teaching you about characters and plots of the plays. Primarily it is a fun game. I think that it is important to make people have fun and then trick them into learning. Kind of what I like about intelligent comedies. They pull you in with the laughs and then suddenly you are caught thinking about a social issue.

  3. What sort of video? Something biographical that works its way through chronologically, or something totally new?

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