George Carlin Shakespeare Connection

Just heard on NPR’s Wait Wait show that George Carlin’s grandfather wrote out the complete works of Shakespeare, just because he liked it. If true, that’s kind of cool.  People talk about a life goal of reading the complete works, try writing them out! There’s a bit for somebody to do – find the Shakespearean equivalent to all of Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words”.

5 thoughts on “George Carlin Shakespeare Connection

  1. I have noticed that Shakespeare has a special fondness for the fourth of the filthy words listed on this particular transcript of Carlin’s monologue but apparently, it was considered so rude even then, he concealed it inside of puns and other forms of wordplay.

  2. I swear I think Carlin is Shakespeare reincarnated. Late 70’s Carlin LOOKS like Shakespeare’s portraits. Both were masters of and obsessed with language and the use of words. I think Shakespeare wanted to come out from the shadows of writing, so incarnating as one of the great comics and social critics of the 20th century, he could claim the limelight. Carlin also worked very hard on his bits as scripted, like mini plays.It’s eerie.

  3. George Carlin himself spoke of this in the 1997 special, “George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy” during his interview with Jon Stewart. So it is definitely true!

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