Is There A Jeweler In The House?

Sonnet 116 Moebius Bracelet Ok, here’s the thing. I absolutely love love love the idea of a Shakespeare quote on a Moebius strip as jewelry, it really crosses the whole “Shakespeare” and “geek” thing for me in a way few other things can. And I think I could actually get my wife to wear it. Here’s the problem – I hate the quote on that one (“Let not the marriage of true minds….”) At my wedding we used Sonnet 17: If I could write the beauty in your eyes, and in fresh numbers number all your graces, the age to come would say ‘This poet lies, such heavenly touched ne’er touched earthly faces’ I’ve looked and looked, and while I can find all kinds of prayers and other quotes on bracelets like this, I want Shakespeare. I just want a better quote. I’ve even consulted a jeweler for custom work, who basically said that it’s only feasible to make those if you do a large sheet and produce a massive amount of them, so doing a single custom job is not a meaningful option. So I’m throwing it out to there, anybody ever seen the Moebius bracelet with a Shakespeare quote that’s not 116? Silver or gold no matter (although truthfully it looks like the gold version typically runs upwards of 20x the cost of the silver one, yikes.)

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3 thoughts on “Is There A Jeweler In The House?

  1. Thanks for the link! The Christian place could not handle my request, but they forwarded me on to their supplier, so I’ve got a note in to them as well. The quest continues!

    I fear this is simply something that cannot feasibly exist, but as long as I have leads I’m going to keep trying. I’ll never settle for that damned Sonnet 116 version (I hate that thing), but maybe I can get a more traditional, non-mobius bracelet done with my quote.

  2. Duane: I am hot to go with mobius strips. I would be thankful to access the name of the supplier. Beth

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