Morning At My House

“Don’t forget the As You Like It is playing from July 18 – Aug 3, we have to pick a date we want to go.”

“We have the babysitter already for July 26, we were gonna go to a movie with Sara and Brian but I can see if they want to go see Shakespeare instead.  Would you want to go with them?”

“That’s fine.  Can we do like we did last year, and one night during the week I’ll just go by myself, and then on the weekend we can go with people?”

“Why do you need to see it by yourself?”

“You have to remember, I’m going to be walking past this show for weeks.  Every day I’ll see it built up, I’ll see them rehearse.  I will hear it in the wind as I walk by.  It is very important to me as a Shakespeare geek to enjoy that feeling of simply walking into the middle of the park, sitting down, and being surrounded by that stuff.  Plus, remember that time we went to Taming of the Shrew with Liz and Joe and at intermission she told me she thought it was better than Hamlet?  I had to spent the second half of the show trying not to kill her.”

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