Shakespeare On Film, or, Julie Taymor Is Stalking Me As I may have mentioned, I listen frequently to the TED series of podcasts, which offer glimpses into a wide variety of the greatest minds in the world.  This week I noticed a show come through by Julie Taymor, and I thought, “That name sounds familiar…..” She directed Titus.  What I didn’t know is that she also did The Tempest, I’ll have to check into that. But anyway, I bookmarked the above link about Shakespeare On Film before realizing that she’s mentioned in the first paragraph. I had no idea that there was such a thing as “BFI’s 100 Greatest Shakespeare Films”, or that she wrote the introduction to it: “There will never be too many versions of any of the Shakespeare plays because each artist brings his or her own vision to the script. The more you see these plays in all their varied forms, the deeper and richer they become. It’s often not about the story at all, but all about how you tell it.”

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