Speaking Of Bracelets

During my quest for a bit of jewelry, I did find several vendors that do customized versions of those “silicone bracelets” that everybody wears these days.  You know the kind, often yellow, rubbery looking, with some sort of cause or charity emblazoned on it.  Popularized by Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation, though now you see them all over the place with all sorts of colors and sayings.  Hence, I suppose, companies that do customized versions of them :). I’m tempted to get a few done up with some Shakespearean sentiment – maybe a quote, maybe just some character names.  Live Like Falstaff :).  Would my other Shakespeare geeks out there actually wear such a thing, or would I be a total loser?  I’m not planning to go into business or anything — if anything I’d end up doing them as promotional items or something.  I don’t want to waste the time and money having them made only to have people say “That’s stupid.” Too whorey?

5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Bracelets

  1. Duane,

    We’ve thought about having some made for at our store, but we were not sure if people would find them funny. I thought it was a good idea. Any suggestions for a quote? Maybe we’ll do a batch up.

  2. Not a bad idea. I thought you might remember my name so I didn’t want to spam my url. I’m from Shakespeare’s Den.

  3. We have one. It’s not too fancy, but we could set you up. email me at our “sales” address and I’ll get you set up.

  4. OH! Dude, if you had a mobius bracelet with sonnet 17 on it I wouldn’t be in this mess!!!

    🙂 Then again, if you *didnt* have a mobius bracelet with Sonnet 116 on it I would have never known the things even exist. So, you know, thanks for that. 🙂

    PS You need an affiliate program, hint hint giant hint. Poor Yorick is out of business.

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