4 thoughts on “Worthless College Majors

  1. Sad but true. The academic system in this country spits out an incredible number of literature majors, far more than we can usefully employ. I took a degree in Computer Science, and do my literature at night.

  2. As a double major in English and Classics, I’ve definitely heard that one before. (Although I guess they are right, since I’m now in grad school getting a degree I can hopefully translate into a job- Masters of Library Science.)

  3. Wrong side of the Atlantic again? All University degrees tend to be seen as useless for work – so it’s not what you do it’s the level you get to that matters (M&S – a big retailer with an excellent management training scheme actually said once they take ‘classics’ graduates).

    What I found interesting was the ‘Cliff notes’ reference – surely cribbing from Cliff notes at degree level is guaranteeing such a low level of comment you’ll fail?

  4. Well, “right side” or “wrong side,” as you prefer…but, yes, I’ve noticed that difference between US and UK secondary education as well. Defenders of the UK system would say that their model is about developing intellectual skills that can be used in any role in society. American partisans would say that our schools actually teach you how to do things like design bridges or run companies, while UK universities are more about demonstrating membership in a particular social class and getting into the “old boy” network. I really don’t know where I come down on that.

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