Zombie Shakespeare

http://blogs.orange.co.uk/celebrity/2008/06/back-from-the-d.html Elvis Presley, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe are the twinkling trio of stars British people would most like to bring back to life, according to a new survey. Mr. Shakespeare appears to rank #6, falling behind Winston Churchill and Sir Bobby Moore (who?), but ahead of Henry VIII, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury and Albert Einstein.

One thought on “Zombie Shakespeare

  1. Very suspicious list!
    Warner Home video – who did they ask? Did they give a pre-selected list to choose from?
    Wiggly Hips and Moore (England’s captain of football at the time they won the World Cup by cheating) do suggest a certain ‘age’ of person – but who buys video nowadays?

    momisav – of yes, Mom!

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