As Nobody Likes It?

Tough year for Shakespeare on Boston Common, as it’s rained pretty much every night this week.  Has anybody actually gotten to see the show?  I was supposed to go Wednesday, but ended up going home sick from work (and it poured torrentially all night long anyway).  Right now the weather is good, and I’m scheduled to go with friends Saturday night…which is when the weatherman says the rain is going to start again :-/. Good year for Lear. 🙂 I am still emotionally scarred from the time we waited until the last weekend to see Hamlet, and it was rained out.  I sat in a restaurant in Boston until about 5 minutes before showtime waiting for the rain to stop, and when it did, I ran over to grounds to ask, “Is the show still on?”  They thought I was crazy. Last year’s Dream almost met a similar fate, although we chanced the drive into Boston in the hopes that the show would go on since the rain had stopped earlier in the day (if I recall, this was on their “Shakespeare Day” day for families, which was cancelled).  But we got there, and though the grass was pretty wet for sitting, the show did go on! Ever since Hamlet I’ve explained to my wife that I plan to see every show twice – once with her and friends as a social engagement, but once by myself, just staying after work, geeking out in my own little way.  I don’t care if the social event gets rained out (and I don’t think my wife and our friends do, either), but it will bother me very much if I don’t get to see the show at all.

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  1. my husband and son leave for boyscout camp on sunday night. i’m thinking if the weather is good that jess and i will go down then to see it.

    they’ll return on august 2nd in the evening, and we COULD go as a family on the 3rd for the final performance. or. they can pass and do stinky camp laundry and jess and i will just go on Family Day.

    i’ve yet to make it to one.

    and a good friend of mine whose judgement i trust went last week and HATED it. she did all sorts of william shatner-esque imitations of the cast. i’m a little scared. and i’d like to know what others think… if they’ve seen it.

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