Summer Shakespearience : Photo Contest

Check this out.  Shakespeare’s Den is holding a photo contest to find people who are putting a little Shakespeare in their summer vacation.  I’m on one of my summer vacations now (no Shakespeare to be found), but in August I’ll be heading down to Cape Cod to see The Tempest, maybe I can get some shots in there.  I’ll dress my 2yr old up like Caliban or something :).
  Here’s how this is going to work… We are looking for photographs that incorporate Shakespeare into your summer vacation. This could range from going to Ashland, dressing up as a duke at a Renaissance fair, choreographing a sword fight, or starring in your own performance of one of the Bard’s plays! Here’s how to play… 1. Read the rules below.
2. Take the picture.
3. Email the photograph to [email protected].
4. Along with the picture, please include:
– Your name
– Your email address
– Your street address, city, state, and zip code (for prizes)
– A short description of the photograph—i.e. location, what was the
event, etc. Bonus points if your explanation is in iambic pentameter!
(We promise that we do not share your names, address or email with anyone. This is for us only!) Prizes Everyone who submits a photo will get a free Shakespeare/Marlowe ’08 Bumper Sticker. 1st place—$100 Gift Certificate to Shakespeare’s Den & a bag of Shakespeare’s Den schwag.
2nd place—$50 Gift Certificate to Shakespeare’s Den & a Shakespeare’s Den T-shirt
3rd place—A Shakespeare’s Den T-shirt Judging How can we judge art? It’s a tough call. But here’s what we’ll remember when looking at a photograph:
– Was it artistic? Humorous? Clever? Inspiring? In the spirit of the contest? Rules 1. You must have taken the photograph or are the copyright holder. You can be in the photo, just don’t send in a picture taken by Herb Ritts of Judi Dench, okay. Just cause you bought the magazine, doesn’t mean it’s your photo.
2. Please submit photographs taken this summer.
3. Please submit an authentic photograph—i.e. no photo-shopping!
4. You may submit more than one photo but only one winner per household.
5. By submitting the photo you are giving us permission to post your photo on our site along with your first name and city you reside. We also can post this photo and info in any future contests or advertising.
6. Employees of Shakespeare’s Den are the sole decision makers on the winning photos. Contest ends August 31st, so get your pictures in by then. In the meantime, we’ll post our favorite pictures at Shakespeare’s Den as they come in, so stay tuned—er—stay online! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Summer Shakespearience : Photo Contest

  1. ooooooooooh!
    guess who is taking photos this summer at three plays! Rebel will be represented.

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