Rock Me Sexy Jesus : Hamlet 2 Is Coming…. You guys know where I’ll be August 22! 🙂  Rock me rock me, rock me sexy Jesus,
We’re really amazed, you gotta believe us…
Of course, it does not go unnoticed that a trailer for Hamlet 2 does not have any reference to Hamlet or any other Shakespearean topic. Don’t forget to check out the “enlightened” comments, too.  Those are always good for a hoot: “Its sad!  No wonder this nation is falling!”
     “The nation is falling due to Rock me sexy Jesus?”

3 thoughts on “Rock Me Sexy Jesus : Hamlet 2 Is Coming….

  1. i’m glad i did more reading ABOUT the play premise and plot after i watched that trailer. I was thinking…. this song looks AWFUL. and the point is, i guess, it is supposed to be. like the play within the play of “The Producers” (I mean really… springtime for hitler and germany? who knew it would be such a hit!) did before, maybe this film will be well received. now that i understand about what the film IS, it looks funny. but based on “rock me sexy jesus” as a standalone trailer clip, i would have avoided it.

    i think i may have turned away saying “Saturday night live did it so much better without music and with gilda radner and larraine newman back in the day.”

    interesting… i hope that people don’t react just like the “let’s kill everyone because of this song” christian guy, and they wrap their heads around the premise before reacting to the one clip.

    and on that note, i’m now singing “springtime for hitler” in my head while i work.

  2. A friend and I have been discussing whether the movie is truly stupid, or whether in typical South Park satirical style it is right on target for what it is trying to do. If anybody recalls, the original South Park movie, an R-rated animated feature that people were afraid children would see, was about a bunch of children who get to see an R-rated animated feature…and then the end of the world happens (pretty much). Get it?

    I find myself saying “Looks pretty stupid for something that references Hamlet”, but then I think, “That’s probably the point.” It actually seems to be spending most of its time skewering Jesus moreso than Shakespeare.

    I don’t plan on going for the quality, I plan on going for the Shakespeare jokes.

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