Shakespeare Day, Boston

So coming back from the Cape we decided to swing by “Shakespeare Day” for the first time.  We got there too early – started at 2, we were there closer to noon – so we hung out and went to the wading pond, had lunch, etc… Wasn’t worth it.  By 2pm there were plenty of tents and performance areas set up, but it looked pretty clear that things wouldn’t really pick up for a few more hours.  The schedule said there’d be things like combat class, which seemed like it might be fun to watch.  But at 2pm all we got to see what “Shakespeare karaoke” (where people did monologues, apparently taking it seriously), and “Shakespeare death competition” (where mostly kids acted out death scenes – and it seems like everybody did Hamlet).  Maybe we just weren’t in the mood, maybe we were there too early before the crowds arrived (so it looked pretty lame).  But it certainly didn’t do anything for us, and I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back next year.

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