Shatner. Hamlet. Video. Any Questions? I had not seen this. Now that I have, I’m not really sure what to say about it.  William Shatner on the Mike Douglas show, circa 1969, pimping for his (Shatner’s) now infamous album The Transformed Man that brought us such cult gems as his Tambourine Man, and Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds. I had no idea, having never heard the complete original album, that each bad song was intermixed with a bad rendition of famous poetry.  Thus we have “It Was A Very Good Year” mashed up with To be or not to be.  (I see from wikipedia that there are selections from Romeo and Juliet, and Henry V on the album as well.) Unfortunately the quality of the sound is horrendous – the music is too loud, and the sync is off by a mile. [It dawns on me as I title this post that it takes a certain kind of actor to be represented solely by last name.  Olivier.  Welles.  McKellan. … Shatner. ]

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