Were The World Mine : Musical Midsummer Movie?

http://briefepisode.com/2008/10/24/were-the-world-mine/ Start with a movie centered around a production of Midsummer.  Not new (Dead Poet’s Society, among others, springs to mind). Now imagine that the character playing Puck whips up a *real* love potion that works on his fellow actors, and then runs around spraying it on everyone in town.  All heck breaks loose, as you could well imagine. Oh, and did I mention that the actor in question is gay?

3 thoughts on “Were The World Mine : Musical Midsummer Movie?

  1. That was a very interesting link. I haven’t seen Coriolanus at an age when I was old enough to understand it.

    There’s a production that just opened and runs this weekend (Friday March 27th thru Sat March 29th) and next (Thursday April 2nd thru Sunday April 5th 2009) at the newly renovated Armory in Somerville. It’s just up the street from my place and I’m hoping to check it out.


  2. Hi Ram!

    How’s the job? (I used to work with Ram.)

    I’m confused on why you linked Coriolanus on this post, which is about Dream? I’m familiar with the Actor’s Shakespeare Project, it being one of the big local Shakespeare spots, but I can’t say I’ve gotten in to see any of their productions yet (shame on me).

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