[Off-topic?] Where Were You?

Today, as you may have noticed, is a pretty big day here in the United States.  It’s a day that many people thought would never come, at least not in their lifetimes.  It’s a day that I remember hearing about in school as a sort of “Maybe one day…” thing, something in the future, not the present.  I’m speaking, of course, about the swearing in of our first Hawaiian president. As I tried to explain to my 6yr old this morning, “There are times in your life when people will ask ‘Where were you?’  Where were you when we landed on the moon, where were you when 9/11 happened?” “I wasn’t alive for either of those things, Daddy.” “I know, sweetie.  But you know what?  Years from now, when you’re Daddy’s age and you have kids your age, people are going to ask you Where were you when they swore in the first Hawaiian president.” So, I’m asking all my readers, on all my blogs:  Where were you? Me, personally, I’m at work.  My kids are at their grandmother’s house, because the power went out at about 6:30am.  Which stinks, because there’s pretty much no way I will be able to DVR the ceremonies on television if I have no television :).  But I will be watching on line as best I can. Where are you? Anybody got a good Shakespeare quote?  Did our boy write any actual good leaders, positive about the future, that people liked?  It doesn’t seem like the time for Henry V quotes.  Surely somebody’s gotta have one.

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  1. I find a few that might be appropriate:
    “He reads much;/He is a great observer and he looks/Quite through the dees of men.” (JC 1.2.200)
    “True nobility is exempt from fear.” (1H4 3.1.43 spoken by Suffolk)
    “I am not in the roll of common men.” (1H4 5.4.120 spoken by Glendower)
    “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” (2H4 3.3.31)

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