I want to thank everybody for participating in our “Bill Bryson For Everyone And Their Grandma” contest, sponsored by Harper Collins.  The winners, chosen randomly from all the entries received, are… ANN (from Shakespeare Tavern), who wrote:
I’d give one to the volunteer coordinator at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern ( Not only does she enjoy that sort of book, but she often leaves them out for everyone else to read and gives them as gifts. REN GIRL, who wrote:
I would keep one to read, & give one to my school’s drama department. Unlike the Big State School down the road from us, we don’t have a full-on drama library, just the shelves of our professors & some older books (hard to get to) locked up in our greenroom, but I would LOVE to start a drama library collection that we could just waltz in & borrow whenever we wanted. I’d start with something fun & light but good, like this book. 🙂 and… LIANE66, who wrote:
I would keep one and give the other to my college son.   Congratulations!  Winners, please contact me with your mailing address so Harper Collins can send your books along.    Thanks to everyone who participated, hopefully this puts Shakespeare Geek on the radar for more book publishers looking to give away their goods!

3 thoughts on “AND THE WINNERS ARE….

  1. I contacted you, and just now realized that I had not thanked you publicly. I had a great time reading everyone’s comments, and had assumed I wouldn’t be a winner. Wrong!

    Looking forward to reading the book

    And Thanks!!

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