F U C Shakespeare

http://www.slate.com/id/2214106/ Although it seems a bit stale as far as celebrity news goes (apparently the video just dropped), Slate’s got an article up look at Britney Spears’ “controversial” album title “If You Seek Amy”(*) and how it’s actually a much older joke than perhaps even she realizes.  Dates back through a whole variety of bands that thought of the joke before her, one of whom even acknowledges getting it from James Joyce.  The article then goes on to show that, as always, Shakespeare said it first.  Only his is dirtier.   (*) If you seem to be having trouble figuring out the joke, it helps to realize that sometimes words sound like letters.  So “If you” = F U …  do I really have to <ahem> spell it out for you?

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One thought on “F U C Shakespeare

  1. I didn’t catch that joke in Twelfth Night until just now, reading the article. Thanks for pointing it out. I learned something today. 🙂

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