Get Married On Juliet’s Balcony Now, see, I think this idea is great.  One of the big tourist attractions in Verona is “Casa Di Giulietta (Juliet’s House)” where everybody’s favorite romantic tragedy (tragic romance?) supposedly took place.  Yes yes, it’s a fictional story and all that, but the local argument is that this was once the home of the Capello family, who might have been the model for the Capulets. Either way, it’s quite the tourist attraction.  Although I’ve never been, my inlaws were – and they brought me back a nice painting of the balcony.  I’m told that there’s a statue of Juliet there as well whose chest has gone all lopsided because it’s good luck to cop a feel – but only the right side.  I didn’t get a painting of that, though.  Oh, well. 🙂 Anyway, on that romantic note.  Apparently you’ll soon be able to book a wedding at the balcony, which I think is just great.  It’s a small balcony, so I’m sure that it’ll be little more than a photo opportunity, but still.  Some people get engaged or married at the Eiffel Tower.  A Shakespeare geek would certainly love the idea of getting married in the middle of Romeo and Juliet.  [Let’s not go all cynical and talk about the tragedy bits, eh?  We know.]

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