Maybe I’ll Get To See Tennant’s Hamlet After All People went frickin bananas for Dr. Who as Hamlet.  Personally I’ve never been a Dr. Who fan and don’t know much about Tennant, so I can’t really offer an opinion either way. But if it comes to DVD, then I can watch it at will.  Much like how I’m in the middle of Sir Ian’s King Lear, I think this idea of getting the “superstar” stage performances of today on film is a huge step forward in bringing theatre to a world that wouldn’t normally see it.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Get To See Tennant’s Hamlet After All

  1. The RSC has recorded most of its productions for a number of years now – very badly. The vids are available to view in the Shakespeare Library in S-U-A – I’ve seen a number including Sam West’s Hamlet and Jacobi’s Macbeth.

    They tend to use a static video camera which is obviously located at the back of the theatre (it was so far from the stage in the Barbican, you couldn’t actually see anyone!).

    David Troughton’s Henry IV was a little better as they used two cameras and had a couple of camera angles.

    McKellen’s Lear is incredible, isn’t it?

  2. I think you’re right, on both points. If the popularity of somebody like Sir Ian can make them kick up the production values to the point where your average movie goer would sit through a DVD of, say, Tennant’s Hamlet, then I think we have a winning combination.

    My wife is not a theatre geek, she tolerates shows because she knows I love them. I think she would have enjoyed Sir Ian’s Lear more if I would have just stopped screaming “YOU EFFING B*TCH!!” at the screen every time Goneril showed up.

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