Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy : Solved Made you look, right?  Yeah, me too.  Actually my first thought was, “Umm…there’s no controversy.  The Bacon theory was started by Delia Bacon (no relation) who was pretty much insane.” So I was even more confused when the opening line to the piece said “Yes, and the solution is this : Of course Bacon wrote the plays, and I can prove it.” Turns out that the article is a humor piece by Professor Ellis Parker Butler, whoever that is.  It’s somewhat reminiscent of Mark Twain in its “so simple any fool could see it” presentation that makes a connection between a Stratford breakfast order (ham omelette, naturally) and, you guessed it, ham-let.  [I choose Twain deliberately, since he himself was a questioner of Authorship.] I suppose it’s funny if you like such things.  I just felt like reposting it to see how many of you get trapped by the subject line, like I did. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy : Solved

  1. Makes me think of a t-shirt I saw:

    What’s better, Shakespeare or Bacon?

    Bacon, because Shakespeare tastes like book.

  2. The facts for Bacon are here and they're free This shows that Shakspere could not have got into the Inns of Court in 1594 to get The Comedy of Errors performed and the Strachey letter that sourced The Tempest in 1610 was a SECRET company document … so Shakspere is ruled out again. Bacon was in both places.

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