Tennant’s Hamlet Coming To DVD

http://www.kasterborous.com/news.asp?ac=11&id=2241 It’s official!  Polonius actor Oliver Ford Davies told the Telegraph:

"We are intending to film it over two or three weeks in June. It won’t be a full feature film as there isn’t time but it will certainly be more than just the filming of the stage. It will be fantastic to work together again."

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t really know anything about David Tennant, but his Hamlet got rave reviews.  If it is only half as good as Lear was, it’ll still be jaw-dropping.

4 thoughts on “Tennant’s Hamlet Coming To DVD

  1. I went to Stratford to see Hamlet last fall because I’d always wanted to see Patrick Stewart perform Shakespeare. When I arrived I was like “oh, look that Dr.Who guy is playing Hamlet.” Then he proceeded to knock my socks off. Tennant’s Hamlet was brilliant and I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since. The audio CD coming out April 1, From Shakespeare ~ with Love: The Best of the Sonnets features David Tennant reading several sonnets. My copy has already shipped from Amazon. Love your blog, BTW, have been a Shakespeare geek since high school.

  2. If you want to see Tennant in something else, I recommend ‘Blackpool’ which also stars David Morrissey and Sarah Parish. When I heard about the premise, I was doubtful, but it really is hugely enjoyable – a mix of humour, drama, music, choreography, romance, murder mystery…

    I was fortunate to see David Tennant in Hamlet in Stratford early in the run and also in January in london. I was impressed by his performance in Stratford – each speech seemed to be said for the very first time – but in London he was amazing. Not only that, but it is an excellent production with no weak links. Stewarts’s Claudius, Oliver Ford Davies and Pennie Downie were particlualy memorable.

    I do hope that this DVD works out. Even if it captures a fraction of the live performance it will be well worth doing.

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