Twittering Romeo and Juliet Sorry, but this is a lousy idea.  They’re broadcasting the entire play over Twitter, 140 characters at a time.  This means that one simple soliloquoy will take dozens of tweets, and half the time be broken up between multiple transmissions.  I don’t even know if there’s people on the other end, or just some bot that has been programmed to do it. AmwayShakes’ version of Taming Of The Shrew is far more interesting, because you’ve got people actually attempting to rewrite the text in a more Twitter-friendly way, accomplishing in those 140 characters what you might otherwise have taken half a dozen lines to do.  Sure, it destroys the original text, but that’s kinda sorta the point, innit?  Making a statement about communication as a whole, and the core of what you are trying to express versus the medium by which you choose to express it?  If you want the original text go read it, just like if you want people to speak at you in great lengthy paragraphs, go send an email or read a blog.  [Dang, boss just walked in and clearly stared at my screen :(  gotta go!]

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