Shakespeare Plots, Twittered This list is going around Twitter at a furious pace right now, so may have already seen it.  But then I realized that not everybody’s on Twitter :). You know the Twitter drill?  Get your point across in 140 characters.  So somebody went ahead and summarized each play in 140 characters:

H: Mommy issues are just the beginning for a prince with a murdered father and new Uncle/Step-dad. Most everybody ends up dead. HV: Bad-ass Henry V kicks France’s butt with a rag-tag army, many long-bows, and excellent speeches. Henry then marries a French princess.

It’s not entirely a comedy show, most of them are pretty straight forward summaries.  Of course, not wanting to devote characters to the titles, they are all abbreviated down to first letter and you have to figure out which one is which.  Sounds like a different game.

6 thoughts on “Shakespeare Plots, Twittered

  1. Just posted this on Twitter: Which play?

    Awry in frame, but in frame not alone,
    So like in Mind, he clamoured for the Throne.
    Observing not the ever Golden Rule,
    He set the murtherous Machiavil to Schoole.

  2. This one’s kinda tricky. Although it’s the same main character, there’s a co-opted (somewhat bastardized by me) line of his from the previous play; historically speaking, that is. Getting warmer? 🙂

  3. I’m gonna go with Macbeth. “in frame not alone” makes me think of a picture frame with Lady M standing right next to him.

  4. confused?–if so my fault.Sorry. The “same main character” isn’t Macbeth.
    The one described is in two different plays.

  5. Bingo! The last line of my “composition”, with the exception of my substituting “He” for “And” is his from Henry VI, 3. A wonderful mountain of a soliloquy during which he lists his many abilities requisite to playing the chameleon when necessary. It concludes with:
    “Can I doe this, and cannot get a Crowne?
    Tut, were it farther off, Ile plucke it downe.”

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