Best of the Bard I have nothing but respect (and envy!) for Shakespeare Teacher’s ability to pull out such creative wonders as this summation of “The Best of the Bard”:

A witches’ brew. A fiery shrew. A knavish sprite. A portly knight. A maid’s disguise. A Jew’s suprise. A bastard’s plan. Each age of man. A paper crown. A motley clown. A nightmare haunt. This John of Gaunt. A guarded door. A jealous Moor. A castaway. St. Crispin’s Day.

A eulogy. A balcony.

The death of kings.

And other things…

I’m a bit stuck on “nightmare haunt”, though…

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4 thoughts on “Best of the Bard

  1. Thanks for the kind words.

    The “nightmare haunt” is meant to be from Richard III.

    Hamlet is deliberately excluded from the rhyme, as this was a part of an invitation, and Hamlet is referenced at the end. You can click through for the full context.

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