It’s not often that a new search engine comes along to challenge Google.  Or rather, that happens all the time, but none of them make a go of it.  Who remembers Cuil?  More specifically, who uses it? Well there’s a new kid on the block getting some love, called Bing.  Catchy name, makes me think of turkey timers .  Bing!  Search is done.  Needs a little sound effect.  Instead of googling yourself you can bing…or perhaps bong yourself. I thought I’d mention it because the results seem to do something better than Google.  Namely, they seem ordered around the concept of a person or organization (such as yours truly) and not just use of those words together in sequence.  There’s a difference between the person known as Shakespeare Geek, and places where people put those two words together, as in “I am a big Shakespeare geek”. As somebody trying to build some brand, I appreciate the difference.

One thought on “Bing!

  1. I must admit after looking it over, the concept's kind of neat. Let's hope (that would be against hope it seems) that we aren't soon having to double pay for something that adver tising already pays for ( tv used to be "free"-cable TV used to be "commercial free"–now we pay to watch commercials). I don't use it, I just boot it every once in a while, but have you happened to see the included list of eulas for Vista service pack 2? It seems an awful lot like we're being primed for private ownership of the dear old NET.

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