Dead People You’d Most Like To Meet Ok, Jesus I can see in the top spot.  Even if you’re not the religious type you have to figure that the guy must have done something to have his own religion. Our boy Shakespeare is #3 on the list.  I can’t figure out the rest, though. #2 is Princess Diana?  Really?  I’ve never understood that.  I think my feelings for Princess Diana were summed up the day, a few weeks after her death, I was at the garage and saw a woman reading Diana’s biography.  In conversation this woman told me, “You know, I never really knew how much I idolized Diana until she died.”  Doesn’t that tell you something?  That maybe it’s *because* she died that you are so enamored of her life?  That, you know, when she was alive she wasn’t that interesting to you? #4, strangely, is Albert Einstein.  On the one hand I’m impressed with the intelligence of a readership who wants to meet Einstein.  But at the same time, how many of these people do you think are scrambling go to hear Stephen Hawking speak?  Last is Marilyn Monroe.  Honestly, I think that other than getting to ask “Are you sleeping with both the Kennedy boys?”, I can’t see why she’d be on the list.

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