Fan of Shakespeare Tavern ? Looks like they’re a little short on funds this year.  We’ve written about the Tavern’s style of Shakespeare performance on a number of occasions, and Ann is a regular contributor here at Shakespeare Geek. So if you like the work they do down there and want to help em out, maybe throw them a few bucks on ye olde paypal link?

3 thoughts on “Fan of Shakespeare Tavern ?

  1. I am boggled! Thank you so much for posting this.

    Unlike many other theatres, the Tavern has half its income from earned money – in other words, ticket sales (for most others, ticket sales are only about 30%). The Tavern has a strong educational program, offering morning matinees for schools and summer Shakespeare Intensives for Teens; I volunteered for the SIT performance of Macbeth last night which was excellent. Last fall, when the metro Atlanta area was hit by $4/gallon gas, and then severe gas shortages, many schools canceled field trips, which cut income drastically. And, of course, since then, the economy in general has been tight.

    I think the Tavern has generally been very good about not asking for emergency money — this year is the first I can remember in 15 years of association.

  2. Duane, an update. The Artistic Director of the Tavern sent out an email saying they met the goal today, just in time, with $4000 coming in the last two hours. He thanks everyone, of course.

    I thank you for mentioning it here!

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