Google Lit Trips I don’t have Google Earth installed, but I can see where this would be a very creative addition to the study of classic literature.  How does geography play out in Macbeth?  When Macduff says “I’ll to Fife” where is that?  Where exactly is Birnam Wood? You get the idea.  You have to dig a little bit for the Shakespeare, but I found a Macbeth in the 9-12 section. Somebody with Google Earth download one of these and see what it’s about, if it’s just a map or something more animated.

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  1. Okay, these are cool! Google Earth is a favorite of mine, and this takes advantage of it. The Macbeth tour shows the countries where the main action takes place, with lines going between when one attacks another. There are links, and quotations, and a lovely photo of the castle of the Thane of Glamis. This is still in its infancy, being created by various teachers, and that means there is a lot of variation between them. They hope students will make these, too.

    Oooh! I just searched for "google earth" and shakespeare and found one that lists every location in Shakespeare's plays. This one is "just" a map with the city and play labeled, but it is chock full.

    Just in general, I highly recommend Google Earth, as a fabulous, educational time sink. I say "just" a map, because Google Earth lets you zoom it, turn around, show different sun altitudes = all sorts of good stuff!

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