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http://pixton.com/comics/tagged-with/shakespeare After learning about a high school group that won an award for their work with creating a comic The Tempest I decided to check out Pixton, the comic creator.  I’m quite pleased with all the Shakespeare I found. True, it’s not like most of these will be winning awards anytime soon.  But that’s not really the point.  If there are classrooms out there where the project is to create a comic book out of a Shakespeare play, and that helps the kids actually follow along with character and plot, I’m all for it.  I guess I’d just hope that if all you’re aiming for is character and plot that elementary school kids could do this.  If you’re talking about high school kids then I’d like a little bit more understanding than just “Brutus kills Caesar because that’s what it says he does.”

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  1. Willshill says:

    I think you've hit on the major problem, Duane.
    For decades Shakespeare 'study" has been centered around plot and character as viewed from the outside; peering into a deep, dark well, with the idea that we might actually see to the bottom and find out just how deep it is; what's in there.
    It's only when we decide, or are pushed, to jump in, that we finally have a chance to know, to experience, exactly what's in the well.

    In a nutshell, Ian McKellen has said it best: "Forget Shakespeare–as something you 'learn'. The words are there for the actors to 'learn'. But Shakespeare belongs, not on a page, but on a Stage."
    "Shakespeare Manga", more on a Page, is only cursory exploration. It won't take us all the way there either.The only thing we have to "learn" about Shakespeare is how to approach it. Real interest is generated on a large scale by "doing". Participation is Key. The rest takes care of itself.
    If "All the World's a Stage", then what are We?
    Therein, the Answer to the Secret awaits.

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