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Ok, who wants to help me out with an idea? I’m tired of missing the good shows because I don’t hear about them until too late.  I may not get to go to many anyway, but at least if I know about them ahead of time I have a shot at it.  I’m sure others are in the same boat. So here’s what I’d like to try. I’m setting up a public calendar to track Shakespeare events.  Once I get a few on it I’ll send the link around.  Using Google Calendar you can get an RSS feed of events as they come up, too, and thus always be alerted to new ones.  Not to mention the integration with Google Maps so you can see immediately whether an event is half a country away from you. What I need, of course, are events.  If you’re in charge of an event and you’d like to be on the calendar, please send me the following info:

  1. Event / Organization Name
  2. Play(s) Performed / Description of event
  3. Dates it will run
  4. Location
  5. Link for more info

Thanks!  Should be interesting to see if I get quickly overwhelmed.  If I do, I’ll just open up the calendar so anybody can contribute.

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Events Calendar

  1. Barnstable Summer Family Theater

    Romeo and Juliet
    July 5, 12, 19, 26 2 5PM

    Aselton Park, South Street, Hyannis, MA

  2. I apologize in advance for the ridiculously long comment. I've split the events into parts to make them easier to follow.

    This one I'm directly involved in.

    1.Boston University Shakespeare Society (BUSS)
    *Romeo and Juliet
    *November 13 @ 8PM, November 14 @2PM annd 8PM
    *BU Law Auditorium:
    765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
    (#13 on

    The rest of these I'm NOT involved with, but know about. They're mostly professional companies.


    2.American Repertory Theater:
    *"Shakespeare Exploded!" Festival (3 parts):
    -The Donkey Show – a crazy reworking of Midsummer with disco among other things (Aug. 21- Sep. 26): Zero Arrow Theater, Cambridge MA. More specific directions @

    -Sleep No More – a performance art piece inspired by some moments in Macbeth: Oct. 8-31 [This takes place in several locations. As of now it's unspecified: should be updated on the ART website.]

    -Best of Both Worlds – (Winter's Tale meets Gospel): Nov. 21 – Jan. 2
    [They also have a one weekend performance of Winter's Tale going up Oct. 1]. Both of these events are at: Loeb Stage: 64 Brattle St., Cambridge MA



    3. Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

    The Comedy of Errors

    July 31- August 16, 2009
    Tuesday-Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @7pm

    The Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common, Boston, MA


    4.Actor's Shakespeare Project (Boston, MA)

    The Taming of the Shrew: Oct. 14- Nov.8

    A Midsummer Night's Dream: Dec. 30- Jan. 31

    Othello: March 10 – April 11

    Timon of Athens: May 19 – June 13

    They don't have specific venues up, but they'll post them eventually at


    I tend to tweet about these things at either @bushakespeare or @laurahub, if that helps. 😛

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